January 27, 2012

Bear is Coming – AAPL S&P NASDAQ Technical Analysis

Sentiment with an Oil kicker


  1. p2rossi says:

    Inverse h&s puts SNP @ 1420+ if we break out.

    Perhaps you’re right that we head lower, but I don’t think it’s at this time.

  2. martialarm says:

    Yep I think your right, bets are on.

    Wonder how low it can go..

  3. fal2grace says:

    Thank you very much for this information.

  4. donharrold says:

    great analysis!

  5. Drav1212 says:

    u dont mention the ppt coming in to save the day

  6. seamoosey says:

    do you own any mining stocks? I am interested in the relative behavior between the nasdaq and mining stocks. the physical spot price has seemingly little to do with mining shares. love to hear some analysis on this.

  7. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @coldkidc I like silver, I have continued buying it since $14. But I buy it to preserve wealth, not to trade.

  8. coldkidc says:

    What do you think about silver?

  9. lionevil1976 says:

    Good Job. Keep up the Great work!!

  10. TheAppleInvestor says:

    I like Oil, Natural gas and Agriculture. Buy the recent dips.

  11. BendoverBernanke says:

    Thinking about buying uso, pagg, and possibly ung. Any thoughts?

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