January 27, 2012

Install Apple’s Stock iPhone Apps On Your Jailbroken iPad With Belfry

Install Apple’s Stock iPhone Apps On Your Jailbroken iPad With Belfry

Some of Apple’s stock iPhone apps would work wonderfully on the iPad, such as Clock, Stocks, Weather, and Calculator. But the Cupertino company seems to have no plans to port these apps over to the larger device. After all, I’m sure if it did we’d already have them by now.

But thanks to a new utility for jailbroken iPads called Belfry, you can port them over yourself.

Developed by Ryan Petrich, the developer behind popular jailbreak tweaks like DietBar and Activator, Belfry automatically installed six of the iPhone’s stock apps on your iPad; including Clock, Calculator, Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks, and Weather.

All of them work well on the iPad, allowing you to use them in the same way you would on the iPhone. Though there is one caveat: While Clock and Stocks run in native resolution, the other apps are stuck at iPhone resolution in “2x” mode. Check out Belfry in action:

The best thing about Belfry? It’s completely free and available to download now from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

[via iDownloadBlog]

Killian BellKillian Bell is a freelance writer based in the U.K. He has an interest in all things tech and also writes for TechnoBuffalo. You can follow him on Twitter via @killianbell, or through his website.

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Run Windows Apps On Your Mac With Wine [Video How-To]

Run Windows Apps On Your Mac With Wine [Video How-To]

Even though OS X supports more and more applications every day, there’s still some software out there that can only run on Windows. That’s where Wine comes in. Wine is a free application that allows you to run many Windows applications on Mac OS X. While it’s not flawless, and it doesn’t support all applications, it’s pretty neat, and can be helpful if there’s a certain piece of Windows software out there that you really need to run on your Mac. Heck, it even runs Minesweeper. In this video I’ll show you how to get Wine up and running, as well as how-to convert Windows applications into OS X apps.

You can download wine here.

Here are some apps that work with Wine.

Michael Steeber

Michael Steeber is a student who is obsessed with everything Apple, and technology in general. He enjoys making videos and runs the MSComputerVideos YouTube channel in his free time.

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SiriToggles Lets You Launch Apps And Change Settings On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S

SiriToggles Lets You Launch Apps And Change Settings On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S

A Cydia package by the name of SiriToggles brings functionality to Siri that Apple should have included from day one. With the free SiriToggles tweak on your jailbroken iPhone 4S, you can launch any app, change your system settings, and even turn your iPhone off with your voice.

While Apple has restricted Siri to a limited set of capabilities by default, SiriToggles liberates the virtual assistant for jailbreakers.

SiriToggles Lets You Launch Apps And Change Settings On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S

Not only can you launch an app with your voice (“Open Maps,” for example), but you can toggle your iPhone’s settings quickly with Siri. The developer, Hamza Sood, has included multiple system toggles that the average user accesses daily. SiriToggles will let you toggle your iPhone’s Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, and Data settings with your voice. Simply say either “enable/disable” or “turn on/turn off” followed by the setting and let SiriToggles work its magic.

SiriToggles Lets You Launch Apps And Change Settings On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S

You can get your iPhone’s battery percentage by saying something like “How much battery do I have left?” or “What is my remaining battery percentage?” or “What’s my current battery level?” Your screen’s brightness can even be changed with Siri by saying “set/change backlight/brightness to x%”

After using SiriToggles for more than a day, I haven’t noticed a drain on battery life or performance. This tweak is a great addition for any jailbroken iPhone 4S, and I highly recommended downloading it now in Cydia. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone 4S yet, follow our tutorial.

Cult of Mac

How to backup your Mac App Store apps

The excellent ReadNow application, which allows you to easily read articles from your Instapaper and Read It Later articles on your Mac, has been pulled from the Mac App Store “…because of an infringement letter.” Developer Michael Schneider added “[i]n my current situation I’m not allowed to provide any further information.”

The good news is that if you have already purchased the app, you can still download it from the “Purchases” tab in the App Store.app even though the iTunes page for ReadNow now leads to the message, “Your request could not be completed.”

However, as I waited for the Mac App Store to load on my iMac this morning, I found myself wondering “What would I do if I couldn’t re-download it from the Mac App Store?”

Fortunately I have the app on my MacBook Air, so I could go to /Applications/ReadNow.app and then select File » Compress “Read Now” (or control+click the app and choose “Compress” from the menu).

Terminal option

If you wanted to make a copy of ReadNow (or any app) on the command line, I believe that your best option is using ditto like this:

sudo ditto -v --keepParent -kc ReadNow.app ReadNow.zip

(I don’t claim to be a ditto expert, but I can tell you that worked for me. The -k option tells ditto to make zip archives. The –rsrc –extattr and –qtn options are all the default, so they don’t need to be explicitly specified.)

I then copied the ‘ReadNow.zip’ file to my Dropbox so I would have it, just in case Apple removes the option to download it.

This should work for all Mac App Store apps (Xcode and “Install Lion” excepted), but may not work for other apps which use an installer and may install other files besides the ones in /Applications/.

Show me all of my Mac App Store apps

Speaking of the command line, if you want to see a list of all the Mac App Store apps that you have installed on your computer, you can run this command in Terminal.app:

find /Applications \
-path '*Contents/_MASReceipt/receipt' \
-maxdepth 4 -print |\
sed 's#.app/Contents/_MASReceipt/receipt#.app#g; s#/Applications/##'

Note: this won’t show you Xcode, because Xcode is an unusual case. It is an installer which installs Xcode and then the installer is removed.

An ounce of prevention

There has been no indication that Apple will remove ReadNow from your list of Purchased apps, I just wanted to have a backup ‘just in case.’ Hopefully the “infringement letter” issue will be settled soon and it will be available again. However, if the iOS App Store is any indication, eventually jettisoned apps will become unavailable for re-download. Also, the upcoming sandboxing requirements may lead to some existing applications being removed.

As always, it’s good to have your own backups rather than relying on being able to re-download anything from “the cloud.” I wrote a small shell script which will look in /Applications/ for any applications which have the Mac App Store receipt, and create a .zip file for each of them. (While I have tested it myself and it works for me, YMMV, use only at your own risk, etc.)

To use it, download the script to your Desktop (or wherever) and then run:

chmod 755 ~/Desktop/backupmas.sh

And then run it via


(Obviously if you saved it somewhere else, use that path instead of ~/Desktop/.)

It may ask for your administrator password. If so, that’s the one you use to log in to your computer, not your Mac App Store password.

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Five apps to help you track your finances

It’s January, which means you’re probably thinking about your finances for the upcoming year. Tax season is right around the corner. There might be employment changes coming or large purchases on your mind. Here are five apps to help you keep track of your money as it goes in and out of your wallet.

iBank ($ 4.99)

iBank is an all-purpose financial organizer for the iPhone that keeps track of your checking, savings, credit card and cash accounts. It lets you enter purchases on the fly and has some nice features like split transactions and multi-currency support. It can be used as a stand alone app or as a companion app that syncs to iBank for the Mac. iBank lets you sync multiple devices so you and other members of your household can always have up-to-date financial information on your handset.

TaxCaster (Free)

TaxCaster is a tax calculator for the iPhone and the iPad from Intuit. The app lets you add in W2 income, business income, withholdings, deductions, tax credits and more. It’s one of the most feature-filled tax estimators I’ve used and does an accurate job of estimating your taxes. The app uses sliders so you can easily adjust the values and see how it affects the amount you owe (or will be refunded).

Loan Calculator Pro ($ 0.99)

If you have a house, car or a personal loan, then you should have an app like Loan Calculator Pro on your iPhone. The app lets you enter in the terms of a loan and produce an amortization table to see how long it will take you to pay it off, how much interest you’ll pay and so on. It includes a “what if” scenario so you can see how your loan will change when you make extra payments. You can also track your loans and add in payments as you make them.

Receipts Pro ($ 4.99)

Receipts Pro is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to keep track of receipts. It’s a flexible app with advanced features like custom receipt fields and repeating receipts. It’ll let you take a picture, save a voice memo and add other attachments like an email to a receipt. Receipts Pro helps you keep track of your money by letting you assign a receipt to an account and a category, too. This information then can be used to generate reports and graphs which show you where your money is being spent. All reports can be saved as a PDF, Excel or CSV file and uploaded to Box, Dropbox and other cloud services.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD (Free)

Wikinvest is a stock portfolio manager that lets you import and track your accounts from Etrade, Schwab, Ameritrade, Fidleity, and other brokers. It updates nightly, so you always have the latest information on your investments. Wikinvest includes tools to chart your portfolio’s performance, both on its own and in comparison with major indices. Pair this with the Bloomberg app for stock news and you have the right tools to maximize the return on your investments.

Have any other finance favorites you’d like to tell us about? Leave us your comments below to let other TUAW readers know what is keeping your personal finances in the black.

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Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

The Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5/5.0.1 is now officially out, but now that your device is nice and jailbroken, what are you supposed to do with it? What are the must-have jailbreak apps and tweaks you should download first?

In many ways, some of the most innovative and daring development work is happening on Cydia these days, so if you’re new to jailbreaking, we envy the discovery you have to come. Here’s our list of some of the best jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

SBSettings – Free

It might take a little while for SBSettings to grow on you. At first blush, it doesn’t seem to do much but act as a little mini-dock for your most commonly used iOS settings. SBSettings quickly becomes indispensable, though, as turning on/off 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and more become just a swipe and tap away… and with iOS 5 Notification support, 2011 was the best year for SBSettings yet.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

MyWi – $ 19.99

MyWi may seem expensive, but if you want to tether your iPhone or iPad, it sure beats the $ 20+ a month your carrier wants to charge you to turn on the same functionality. MyWi’s just a hell of an app, allowing you to tether your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to your computer to access the Internet, or even set it up as a mobile WiFi router. Personally, though, what has always impressed me most is the battery life: I’ve used MyWi all day to work in the past without my iPad crapping out on me.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

iFile – Free

iFile doesn’t do anything exotic. It’s the equivalent of Finder for your iPhone. But given the iPhone’s closed off architecture, that’s pretty amazing… and doubly so when you add the ability to navigate around, view different types of files, compress zip packages, bookmark folders, attach files to emails and more. Heck, iFile even has its own built-in web server, allowing you to theoretically host a website from your iPhone!

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

Lockinfo – $ 7.99

Lockinfo is conceptually similar to IntelliscreenX, giving you quick view access to new emails, upcoming calendar events, unread SMS messages and much more on your lockscreen. A variety of themes and plugins allow you to customize Lockinfo, but while IntelliscreenX almost operates as a springboard in its own right, Lockinfo is comfortable with simply being a dashboard for your iOS experience… not a launchpad for it.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

Barrel – $ 2.99

Barrel’s a gorgeous little Cydia tweak that allows you to change the way iOS animates transitions between home screen pages. If you’ve ever seen Compiz on Linux or some Quicksilver themes, you have a good idea of how attractive this presentation can be, and over the last year, Barrel has consistently updated to add an increasing number of transition options, each more inventive than the last.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

Springotomize 2 – $ 2.99

It’s truly astonishing how much functionality the developers packed into Springotomize 2. Think of it as a swiss army knife for tweaking every possible aspect of your iPhone or iPad, from animations to the way the dock works, from the lockscreen to the way icons are displayed. Springotomize 2 is the iOS 5 version, but if you’re still running iOS 4, Springotomize will do the same thing.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

Dreamboard – Free

Dreamboard allows you to change every aspect of iOS’s default look the way you want it to, so if you have any interest in theming your jailbroken iDevice, you need this. It’s how OS X Ultimatum manages its impressive transformation. If you want your iPhone to look like Windows Phone 7, or your iPad to look like a Honeycomb tablet, you’ll need to get Dreamboard.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

OS X Ultimatum – Free

OS X Ultimatum does something true Mac fans have been clamoring for ever since the first iPhone was announced: turns iOS into OS X. What do you get? What don’t you get? Fully usable Finder menus, stacks, launchpad, a scrollable dock, draggable windows, mission control, dashboard, and a customizable lock screen, for starters. This is the iOS theme that the Cult of Mac loves above all others.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

BiteSMS – Free

BiteSMS is the Messaging app on steroids. It gives you tons of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more. And if that doesn’t do anything for you, well, you can even use BiteSMS to save money on your texting bill by buying credits from them allowing you to send texts for just $ 0.12 apiece.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2? Here Are The Top 10 Cydia Apps To Try First

IntelliscreenX – $ 9.99

IntelliscreenX turns your iPhone or iPad’s “Slide To Unlock” screen into a Mission Control panel, allowing you to see at a glance everything you can possibly imagine without actually unlocking your phone: calendar, email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, weather and more. You can even do things like read and delete your emails, or send out tweets, from IntelliscreenX, without ever unlocking your device. Highly recommended.

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5777484/”>What is the best jailbreak app or tweak of 2011?</a>

These obviously aren’t the only jailbreak apps and tweaks worth having, and in many ways, this list is out of date: we originally compiled it at the end of last year as part of our Best of 2011 awards. Later today, we’ll be pointing out some newer jailbreak apps and tweaks for you to check out.

In the meantime, got an app or tweak we missed? Tell us about it in the comments and help clue in your fellow jailbreakers to some of the best work that the App Store blackmarket has to offer.

Cult of Mac

Three new apps support console games from iOS

As if there aren’t enough apps that supplement or promote console games, here are three more that have appeared recently.

First up is Dragon Shout (free), the Skyrim-mapping app that was released a few weeks ago. It’s quite handy, and players can use it to find almost anything in the vast and wonderful world of Skyrim. By the way, if you’re a real Skyrim fan, check out our list of 5 apps for Skyrim.

Harmonix has released Dance Central 2 Dance Cam (free), which works with Dance Central for Kinect to record players dancing in real life, and then turn that clip into a music video. It’s not a port of Dance Central, but a fun bit of promotion. It comes with seven song clips you can dance to, if you don’t have the full game around.

Finally and as promised, Activision has released official apps for the Call of Duty Elite program, which let you check your CoD scores, standings, and messages from your iOS device.

It’s interesting to see how these developers have responded to iOS. Instead of porting terrible versions of high-definition games to Apple’s devices, they’ve used iOS to promote their console titles and provide some extra functionality, which customers associate with the bigger brands. Yes, Dragon Shout is unofficial, but we assume the folks at Bethesda would shut if down if there was a problem.

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Execs: Apps, iPhones Sparked the “Arab Spring of IT”

Execs: Apps, iPhones Sparked the “Arab Spring of IT”

Comparing uprisings in the Middle East to what happens when a manager brings his or her own iPhone to work seems like a bit of a stretch, but IT executives say the effect has provoked a similar shake-up.

The people (read: employees) have brought about a groundswell of change in the corporate world by opting to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choosing their own apps. This has upended the “regime” of IT departments, who used to be able to control what devices employees used and what ran on them.

“Using the Arab Spring metaphor, IT could be a considered a totalitarian regime,” said Ken Singer, CEO of AppCentral, who moderated a panel titled “The Arab Spring of IT: Command and Control Under Fire” at San Francisco’s recent AppNation Enterprise conference.

“This revolution was led by individuals who equipped themselves with consumer tech, crowdsourcing a revolution by bringing in their own devices,” Singer explained. “IT departments struggle with how to address this and respond to it. They can’t simply say ‘yes’  (they’re not genetically capable of it) and at the same time, it’s so unwieldy they can’t manage it all.”

Apple’s iPhone, a design and experience upstart to the once-powerful corporate staple BlackBerry, has been a big part of it.

“Five years ago, people were arguing that the iPhone wasn’t ‘enterprise material,’ but Apple is about to reach the 19 billion sales mark for business customers,” said Tom Gonser, DocuSign founder. “Everyone said it wasn’t going to happen; the speed that things can change is pretty phenomenal.”

Rather than topple, companies are gradually giving in to what the masses want yet trying to maintain some order.Execs: Apps, iPhones Sparked the “Arab Spring of IT”

“IT departments are coming out of denial mode,” said Parag Patel, VP, Alliances, VMWare. “For a few years, the question was: ‘How do we maintain control?’ Now, as more and more people adopt BYOD, we have to adjust to the fact that what we used to be able to control IT completely, but now we can’t.”

Apps have been a major catalyst in why employees want to have their device at hand rather than accept what the company mandates.

“There weren’t any apps worth bringing into Boeing back in the day,” Gonser noted. Gonser, who declares himself “passionate” about the “ton of apps” on his iPhone, says that a flexible IT department is key to getting and keeping good employees.

“IT has become as part of the overall corporate culture. If you’re locked down, you’re not going to attract right employees,” Gonser added. “We want people who think outside of the box, but we can’t say: ‘Use whatever you want.’ The rate of innovation is so fast, we’re trying to figure out what makes sense to have in the future.”

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Wikipedia Going Dark In a Few Hours, Here Are The Apps You Need to Survive the Blackout

The anti-SOPA forces banner; you might be seeing this quite a bit tomorrow.

If you need information from Wikipedia, you’d best get it very quickly; in just a few hours, at 9 P.M. PST (5:00 UTC for our European readers), a coalition of sites across the web — including Wikipedia’s English site, Boing Boing and Reddit — will go dark for a day, displaying this page instead of their usual home pages.

The strike is in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, currently being considered by Congress. In a nutshell, the two bills contain very strict anti-piracy laws that could even affect this site.

But we’re not here to debate the merits or faults of these bills or the protests. Instead, we’re going to show you how to work around the blackout;  here are three iOS apps that’ll allow you to download content offline and store it for later viewing, so you can get on with your homework/article/legal brief without having to wait till Thursday:

The most obviously useful app to deal with Wikipedia withdrawal tomorrow is Wiki Offline, a $ 10 Universal App (on sale for $ 5) that downloads Wikipedia’s entire collection of entries — all 10 million-plus — onto your iDevice for offline viewing. Be warned though, the entries will sprawl out over a whopping 3GB. There’s also a lite version that downloads just the 1,000 most popular Wikipedia entries.

Wikiamo is a great little Wikipedia app in its own right that allows for downloading entries for offline viewing, and it’s free. Downside: it’s iPhone-only.

Wikipanion has been one of our favorite Wikipedia portals, because it’s stuffed with so many featrues. There’re free versions, but the $ 5 Plus version adds the ability to download entries for offline viewing (note that the free versions are not equipped with this feature). There’re two versions of Wikipanion Plus, one for the iPhone and another for the iPad.

Of course, if you’re not using an app, you could always just Google whatever it s you’re searching for (along with the term “wikipedia”) and click on the cached link from the results page.

Cult of Mac

Hidden secret apps of CoreServices

Nestled within the bosom of your Mac’s system folder lie many powerful and curious applications. Not intended for direct access, the denizens of the CoreServices directory work as clients for other OS apps such as System Preferences or Safari. There are several CoreServices apps we use often at TUAW. Here are some of our favorites.

When Safari cannot connect to the Internet, you may be prompted to run Network Diagnostics.app to find the problem. The app lets you choose a network port you wish to work with (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or an external modem), and test it. It is one of many apps found inside your /System/Library/CoreServices folder. It’s also one that you may want to stick into your dock for a bit when you’re messing around with a new router or have upgraded your cable modem.

Screen Sharing.app gives you remote access to any enabled computer on your local network using the VNC protocol. Some of us prefer using Chicken of the VNC, but Screen Sharing.app is a simple alternative already built into your system.

You enable this feature in System Preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing (hint, click Computer Settings and add a password). When launched, just enter the host name or address of a sharable computer (e.g. Banana.local or and start controlling that system remotely.

Use the Wi-Fi Diagnostics.app to capture network events and enable debugging logs. It provides a way to collect traffic for analysis.

Anyone who regularly works with Apple development may be pleased to realize they can access the Certificate Assistant.app directly instead of always having to launch the Keychain utility. The assistant allows you to create certificate signing requests, which are used in the dev process to request authenticated items like certificates for development provisions.

The VoiceOver.app utility enables spoken descriptions of your OS X screen. It provides an audio interface for your computer. Once enabled, you can quickly switch out of VoiceOver mode with Command-F5. (You can turn on VoiceOver via System Preferences/Accessibility, as well.

You’re probably used to using the Archive Utility.app through the Finder’s contextual pop-up, but if you drag it into your dock, you can use it as a drag and drop compression utility. Very handy!

Got other favorite secret apps? Tell us about them in the comments!

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