March 19, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 Now Available

OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 Now Available

Apple has seeded OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 in the Mac Dev Center. The release follows the first preview of the new operating system that was distributed to developers back in February. Registered developers are encouraged to go get their redemption code to download the latest OS (build 12A154q) in the Mac App Store.

Release notes haven’t been posted yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

[This story is developing, refresh for updates...]

Apple Brings Mountain Lion Features To Safari With 5.2 Developer Pre-Release

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Mountain Lion Preview 2 now available to devs

A new beta of Apple’s pre-release Mountain Lion 10.8 OS is now available for developers. Build 12A154q is the second preview that Apple has released of this new operating system, expected to debut sometime this Summer.

Release notes and update details are waiting for you behind the developer firewall. The preview is currently restricted to paid members of Apple’s Mac developer program.

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Sparrow For iPhone Email App Now Available In The App Store

Sparrow For iPhone Email App Now Available In The App Store

Will Sparrow be enough to tear you away from the clutches of Apple’s Mail app?

The highly-anticipated iPhone email client called Sparrow is now available in the App Store. The app costs $ 2.99 and promises an enhanced emailing experience. Flagship features include a unique and gorgeous interface, a threading system for messages, enhanced contact integration, better search, and more. If you’re ready to try something besides the default Mail app, Sparrow is definitely worth checking out.

Sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.
With its pane navigation, its new threading system and many
new features, you’ll never look back.


- Full IMAP support:
Use your Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me and custom IMAP accounts.

- Unified Inbox
All your mails in a unique mailbox.

- Attachments
Directly attach photos & images when composing a mail. No more cumbersome back and forth with your photo library.

- Up & down your conversations
Swipe up of down on a message to navigate a conversation.

- Everything is a swipe away
Swipe once to uncover your mailboxes, labels and folders.
Swipe again to get to your account list.

- Faces
Mail is much nicer with your friends’ profile pictures.

- Message swipe
Star, add a label, archive or delete a conversation right away simply by swiping a message.

- Smart contacts
Your most frequent contacts on top of the list.

- Quick mailbox switch
Navigate between your inbox, unread and favorites by tapping/swiping the top bar.

- Mark all as read
One click to rule them all. You can also press a message for a few seconds to mark it as read/unread.

- Thread view
Tap the top bar in the conversation to quickly navigate all messages in a thread.

- Pull to refresh
Finally, the simplest way to refresh comes to email.

- Priority Inbox support
Automatically identify your important email and separates it out from everything else.

- Alias
Have a pro and a private mail address? Use alias to keep things separated.

- Powerful search
Local and remote search allow you to find the mail you’re looking for.

And many more features crafted with love to discover:
- Quick sender switch in compose window
- Mark all as read
- Read/unread with a long press on a message cell
- Reply all quick switch…

The Sparrow developers warn that POP accounts are not supported yet, but expect the addition in a future update. Potential buyers should also consider that Sparrow for iPhone does not integrate with iCloud. It also doesn’t support push notifications in its current state. Notifications will be added in an upcoming update along with localization, landscape mode, a built-in browser, send and archive enhancements, and the option to only show a specific label or folder in your inbox.

You can get Sparrow for iPhone in the App Store now. We’ll have a full review up soon.

Sparrow Gets Update To 1.1, Now Has Universal IMAP Support

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Camera+ 3.0 now available, integrated into other apps via API

The popular Camera+ app (US$ 0.99) has just received an update to version 3.0 that adds new functionality as well as an API that has already been used by a number of top name developers to add the Camera+ functionality to a variety of apps.

When I say that Camera+ is popular, I’m not exaggerating — the app is the 10th best-selling iPhone app of all time, and the 7 millionth copy of Camera+ was recently sold. Not only does the app have a beautiful new icon (see above), but it has added features that will expand the popularity of this iPhoneography app:

  • There’s a new service that allows images to be shared to multiple sites simultaneously with a tap. Not only can you blast images to a number of Twitter accounts, but also to Facebook and Flickr — all at once.
  • A new “shoot and share” workflow. The normal Camera+ workflow involves shooting as many photos as you’d like, and then editing those photos after a shooting session. With shoot and share, each image is edited immediately after being taken. This is perfect for images that are going to be shared on social networks.
  • There’s now a way to add multiple images at one time from your photo library to the Camera+ Lightbox for editing.
  • The Clarity feature, which provides automatic enhancement to images, has been tuned to provide better results.
  • Camera+ 3.0 has added new focus and exposure locks that are incredibly useful when taking tripod shots with a Glif or other iPhone tripod mount.

As noted, Camera+ developer Tap Tap Tap has also made an API available for adding the amazing camera and “darkroom” functionality of Camera+ to other apps. So far, the WordPress, Tweetbot, Twitterrific and Foodspotting apps have added the capabilities. If you’re a developer who would like to add Camera+ to your app, check out the API information here.

For the rest of you, go get the update now or purchase the app already!

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HBO Working To Make Universal And Fox Studios Content Available In iCloud

HBO Working To Make Universal And Fox Studios Content Available In iCloud

Apple announced that movies are now available for download in iCloud last week at its iPad event. You can now view and re-download video content purchased from the iTunes Store on any authorized device, including the iPhone and iPad.

While nearly all the major Hollywood studios were onboard at the time, Universal and Fox studios hadn’t been able to close a deal with Apple for iCloud availability due to licensing conflicts with HBO. According to a spokesperson for the company, HBO is loosening its restrictions on the studios to let Apple have access to more content, specifically Universal and Fox.

For years, HBO has had exclusive access to distribute movies on its network for a certain period of time before the films become completely available to the public. The industry refers to this as the dreaded “HBO window,” and such licensing deals have made it harder for Apple to also bring its TV streaming model to fruition.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

HBO isn’t planning to give up its exclusive windows, for which it pays hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and which allow it to beam movies to its online service HBO Go as well as to its traditional TV channels. But HBO is relaxing terms to let users of iCloud and other services send movies they already own to other devices during those windows, an HBO spokesman said.

HBO agreed to loosen its arrangement with Warner Bros., which is working with iCloud, and also is in talks with Universal and Fox to do the same, the spokesman added.

The arrangement is expected to close within the next few weeks. It’s a good step in the right direction, but many more deals will have to be closed in Hollywood before Apple’s future for television makes it to the living room.

You Can Now Use iCloud To Re-Download Movies And TV Shows

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NCAA March Madness Live For iPhone And iPad Now Available In The App Store

NCAA March Madness Live For iPhone And iPad Now Available In The App Store

March Madness season is about to begin, so it’s time to download the official NCAA app for your iPhone and iPad. With the free app and a $ 3.99 in-app purchase, basketball fans will be able to watch and listen to all 67 tournament games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Watch every game of NCAA March Madness LIVE on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Download for free to check scores, fill out and follow your bracket, get game alerts, and NEW for 2012 – listen to live game radio. Upgrade with in-app purchase and watch live streaming video of all 67 games every game of the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament for one low price of $ 3.99 for all 67 games.

From the First Round on March 13 to the Championship game on April 2, catch all your favorite rivalries, upsets, and buzzer beaters over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Plus, get alerts for your favorite teams, know when games go into overtime and crunch time, and set your TV channel settings to know where to watch any game on TV. You’ll never miss an upset!

NCAA March Madness Live For iPhone And iPad Now Available In The App Store

You can also track your NCAA bracket in the app and follow live scores and stats from your favorite teams. Push notifications can be sent for upsets and game updates. The app also integrates with Twitter and Facebook to let you share your activity.

Games can be streamed for free on the CBSSports website from any device that supports Adobe Flash. (We know, yuck.)

Download the universal NCAA March Madness Live app for free in the App Store.

CBS to Stream Live Hoops Action to Apple Mobile Devices

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Digital Copy videos now available via iCloud

With no fanfare during the recent iPad / Apple TV event, Apple has quietly rolled out the availability of Digital Copy for the Apple TV via iCloud.

The capability is similar to that of UltraViolet, the digital copy mechanism that accompanies the purchase of most Blu-ray DVDs. As with UV, you use the Digital Copy unlock code to stream an HD copy to your updated (you did update your Apple TV, didn’t you?) Apple TV and authorize a downloadable file.

Tech of the Hub notes that they were able to watch a previously activated Digital Copy of Star Trek in 720p, with the assumption that the copy would appear in 1080p on the new Apple TV. The movie was also available on an iPhone running iOS 5.1. Other movies don’t appear to be available in HD; the site mentions that Kick-Ass was just a high-quality standard definition digital copy.

Not all movies will work in this way. There are licensing issues with both Fox and Universal content right now, so you won’t be able to get your Digital Copy for movies from those studios. Apple has a page that describes the process of adding your Digital Copy to iTunes for those who want to try it with an updated Apple TV.

[via Engadget]

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Path 2.1 Now Available In App Store With Nike+, Music Match, Camera Improvements

Path 2.1 Now Available In App Store With Nike+, Music Match, Camera Improvements

A new version of social networking app Path is now available in the App Store for iPhone users. Path 2.1 features several new features and improvements, including a Shazam-like ‘Music Match’ tool for identifying music playing around you.

The app’s camera features have also been improved with focus and exposure options and a new setting called “Pow!” for creating comic book-style pics. Nike+ integration has been added to let you journal your runs in Path.

★ Nike+ GPS Running Stories — Automatically journal your runs from Nike’s GPS app to your Path. Learn more:
★ Music Match — Easily identify and share the music that’s playing around you, even if you don’t know the song.
★ Focus & Exposure — Adjust the camera’s focus and exposure points separately to help compose your more detailed photos.
★ Introducing Pow! — A new camera lens that creates a comic book effect.
✓ Tap and hold on people’s profile pictures in comments and seen its to view at full size.
✓ Activity when family and friends listen to your music stories or play your videos.
✓ Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, and Lomo lenses have been greatly improved.
✓ Beautiful high definition camera preview.
☂ Bug fixes.

Path has a demo of the Nike+ integration available on its website, and it looks pretty slick. Called “Running Stories,” Path explains how working out with version 2.1 of the app works, “When you start a run, Path will let your friends know. If they add an emotion or comment on your run, you’ll hear a cheer!” Kinda cheesy, but sure.

What about the contact privacy scandal that Path started weeks ago, you ask? Well, another update is in the pipeline to introduce contact data hashing. Version 2.1.1 of Path is expected in the near future, and it will finally resolve the privacy concern everyone was complaining about awhile back.

In the meantime, Path 2.1 can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

(via The Verge)

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iPhoto For iOS Now Available In The App Store For $5

iPhoto For iOS Now Available In The App Store For $  5

We told you that Apple announced the stunningly beautiful iPhoto for iPad today during the keynote, and it’s already available for download in the App Store! The $ 5 app is actually a universal download for the iPhone and iPad, so you get even more bang for your buck!

With iPhoto for iOS, Apple brings Multi-Touch to photography in a breakthrough way. Browse, edit, and share your photos from your iPad or iPhone, like never before – all the powerful tools you need are at your fingertips. And with iCloud, you can share your experiences as stunning photo journals.

Use simple gestures to quickly sort through photos and find your best shots. A powerful set of Multi-Touch tools helps you perfect color and exposure, crop, straighten, and retouch images. Enhance pictures by adding beautiful, Apple-designed effects with just a tap. Or use fingertip brushes to apply adjustments exactly where you want them. In addition to posting photos to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, stream photos and slideshows to your Apple TV with AirPlay, and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web to share your stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

Smart Browsing
• Use simple gestures to quickly sort through dozens or even hundreds of photos
• Automatically find similar photos, so you can quickly make comparisons
• View multiple photos side-by-side to help you choose your best images
• Tap to mark any photo with a flag, select a favorite, or hide an image
• Resize and reposition scrollable thumbnail grid for optimal browsing in any orientation

Multi-Touch editing
• Simply touch and drag on the parts of the image you want to change
• Touch and drag on the image to adjust blue skies, greenery, and skin tones
• Drag the white balance loupe to make precise color corrections
• All image adjustments are completely non-destructive and can be modified at any time
• Straighten your pictures with a tap using automatic horizon detection

• Use your fingertip to paint photo adjustments right where you need them
• Turn on edge detection to help you apply adjustments with even more precision
• Lighten, darken, and change saturation or sharpness selectively
• Paint out spots and blemishes with a powerful Repair brush
• Brush away red-eye, or use the Soften brush to minimize wrinkles

Professional-quality effects
• Enhance your photos with dozens of beautiful, Apple-designed effects
• Touch and drag to add drama to landscapes with a selection of graduated filters
• Create a perfectly toned black-and-white photo by simply dragging your finger
• Pinch and zoom a vignette or tilt-shift filter to focus on a key part of the photo
• Apply artistic effects to transform your photos into brilliant watercolors

Photo Journals
• Share your stories in a whole new way as beautiful photo journals
• iPhoto automatically flows your pictures into a great-looking layout that’s fun to personalize
• Freely move and resize photos with a touch of your finger
• Touch and drag to add captions, maps, dates, and even the weather
• Publish your photo journals to iCloud as stunning web pages to share

Other great iPhoto features
• iPhoto is a universal app, optimized for both iPhone and iPad
• Create cinematic slideshows of your photos with a few taps
• Post directly to Facebook or Flickr and view friends’ comments on your photos
• Beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, including all non-destructive adjustments
• Use AirPlay to stream photos and slideshows to your HDTV over Wi-Fi with Apple TV
• Print your photos wirelessly on an AirPrint-enabled printer

Get it now in the App Store! You will need to be on iOS 5.1 to download the app. We’ll have a full review up shortly.

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iTunes 10.6 now available with support for 1080p video

By AppleInsider Staff

Published: 03:43 PM EST (12:43 PM PST)
Support for 1080p video came with the new Apple TV announced on Wednesday, and Apple’s iTunes software has also been updated accordingly with version 10.6.

iTunes 10.6 is now available for download direct from Apple or via Software Update, giving users access to 1080p high-definition movies and TV shows. That content can then be streamed to the Apple TV and played back in its native resolution on an HDTV.

The new iTunes also features a number of improvements for the $ 24.99-per-year iTunes Match service, including improved song matching, as well as improved album artwork handling, downloading and display. iTunes 10.6 also address an issue where songs may skip when playing from iCloud.

The release of iTunes 10.6 came on Wednesday alongside the iOS 5.1 software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new Apple TV with 1080p video playback will be available for $ 99 starting next week.