January 27, 2012

Valve debuts free Steam Mobile iPhone app

Valve has released Steam Mobile for iOS, a free app for the iPhone. According to Valve, “With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. Chat with your Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, read the latest gaming news and stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales.”

That’s the promise of the app, anyway; Steam Mobile has launched in “limited beta,” meaning you first need to input an activation key on your PC or Mac. Entering your username and password into the Steam Mobile app is apparently enough to “express interest” in the beta, but for now that’s pretty much all the app does until you receive an activation key.

It’s interesting that this app was approved; Apple has traditionally frowned on apps that require users to register for access in this manner, so it’s odd to see Valve granted an exception.

Also worth noting is that Steam Mobile will not serve as a front end to Steam selling games for the iPhone. All Steam Mobile will allow you to do is access the community and buy games for your Mac or PC from your iPhone.

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iPad takes 96% of tablets, iPhone 53% of phones in Good mobile enterprise study

By Daniel Eran Dilger

Published: 07:05 PM EST (04:05 PM PST)
Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported that iPad accounted for 96 percent of tablets and iPhone 53 percent of smartphones activated by the more than 2,000 companies using its services in the fourth quarter, giving iOS a 71 percent share of all mobile devices.

Good provides push messaging, device management and security products for corporate mobile users, serving as an alternative to RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server. As such, Good supports mobile platforms outside of RIM’s own, including Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Symbian, iOS and Android.

Good reported that of the top ten devices it saw activated in the last quarter, Apple’s five iOS models accounted for the top five slots. The new iPhone 4S took the lead, quickly jumping to 31 percent of all activations in the quarter.

iPhone 4 was next, followed by iPad 2, the original iPad, and iPhone 3GS. The top Android device was Samsung’s Galaxy S II, which placed sixth. Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7 and Symbian were pushed out of Good’s top ten devices a year ago by iOS or Android, just one year after Good added support for the new mobile platforms.

Good said Android activations had initially gained some ground in October but “trailed off as activations of the iPhone 4S rapidly ramped up.” Overall, iOS took 71 percent share of all mobile activations in the winter quarter, up from a 65 percent share in the year ago quarter.

Good’s customer base of enterprise users includes half of the Fortune 100. The company said just over a third of all mobile device activations are made by the financial services industry.

The company also pointed out that businesses representing Life Sciences “witnessed the highest rate of growth” and an increase in iPad deployments, which it said “fits with anecdotal data around iPads begin deployed proactively to sales forces in that industry, notably among Pharmaceutical companies.”

Across all of 2011, Good reported that Apple’s initial launch of iPhone 4 on Verizon gave Apple a boost in the first quarter, while the launch of iPad 2 increased iOS’ showing in the second quarter. After gaining some ground in the third quarter, Android fell back in the fourth quarter during the blockbuster launch of iPhone 4S.

Apple enjoys a higher market share among enterprise users because its integrated products are easier to support and cover a variety of features, ranging from Exchange Server to IPSec VPN clients, that Android-based devices do not consistently support. Android’s open ecosystem of devices and their manufacturers’ and carriers’ various proprietary software layers also add security issues and complexity barriers to making them usable by enterprises.


iPhone vs. Android a tight race but iPad puts iOS ‘way ahead’ in mobile OS war

By Mikey Campbell

Published: 07:53 PM EST (04:53 PM PST)
Apple CEO Tim Cook outlined his thoughts on the company’s iOS device performance during Q1 2012 and sees iPhone sales momentum closing the gap with rival handsets running Google’s Android platform, while iPad and iPod touch are in a league of their own.

During Apple’s Q1 2012 earnings conference call on Tuesday, Cook made it clear that he believes iOS is a key component to the company’s future, saying that the success of the iPhone 4S and iPad is indicative of a slow move away from the desktop PC.

When asked if iOS versus Android was becoming a two-horse race similar to the Mac and Windows rivalry, Cook explained that the mobile device market is much more nuanced and is a very important facet to Apple’s sustainability.

“The Mac has outgrown the market for over 20 quarters in a row, but still has a single digit percentage of the worldwide market,” Cook said. “iOS, you look at phones, tablets, the iPod touch, we’ve sold over 350 million iOS devices. Over 62 million of those were done in the last quarter alone.”

In looking at recent data from analytics firms, the iPhone has been showing steady growth when compared to Android handsets. Despite a shortage of supply, Apple managed to move 37 million iPhones last quarter.

For the Oct./Nov. period in the U.S., which accounts for only a portion of iPhone 4S sales, NPD saw Apple’s smartphone holding a 43% market share while Android had 47%. A following report from Nielsen, which adds in month of Decemberm shows iPhone market share slowly increasing to 45% while Android holds steady at 47%.

“It seems like all of the data that I’ve seen in the U.S. would say that it’s a very close race in iPhone [and Android],” Cook notes. “I wouldn’t say it’s a two-horse race, there’s a horse in Redmond that always suits up and always runs and will keep running, and there’s other players that we can never count out.”

Cook said that Apple will somewhat ignore how many “horses” there are in the crowded mobile marketplace and focus on innovating to “make sure [it's] the lead one.”

In looking to the future of iOS products, Cook commented that tablets like the iPad will one day surpass the PC market, and sees Apple’s offering as being peerless among a litany of models running on Android, Windows and other platforms.

Citing recent IDC data that shows desktop sales in the U.S. were trumped by tablet sales during the last quarter of 2011, Cook claims that there are different indicators for significant momentum in the space.

“We’re really happy with the 15.4 million iPads that we were able to sell,” Cook said. “This is consistent with our long-term belief that we’ve had since before we introduced the product that this is a huge opportunity for Apple over time.”

The Apple chief doesn’t see other tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire or similar Android models as threats to the iPad’s crown. Cook notes that consumers want to use their tablets in a variety of ways and the “limited function” tablets and e-readers simply don’t have Apple’s robust ecosystem of over 170,000 iPad-optimized apps.

“I think on the iPad side, although I don’t have specific numbers to share from third parties, I think that all of us inherently believe that iPad is way ahead there,” Cook said, adding that “there’s really no comparable product to iPod touch out there, so iOS is doing extremely well. What we focus on is innovating and making the world’s best product.”


Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]

Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]

The mobile Safari browser that comes baked into Apple’s iOS devices is quite possibly the best mobile browser there is. But what if you want don’t want to load mobile web pages? What if you want to enjoy websites in their entirety?

Unfortunately mobile Safari doesn’t let you do this, but a free third-party browser called Dolphin does. Here’s how to ditch the mobile web and load full, desktop websites on your iPhone.

First, download Dolphin from the App Store; it’s completely free, and it’s one of the best third-party browsers available.

Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]

Once installed, open up Dolphin and swipe your finger to the left to access its settings menu. You can now turn the ‘Desktop Mode’ feature on.

Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]

With Desktop Mode activated, any webpage you visit will be the desktop version – not the mobile one.

Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]

Of course, there are a number of third-party browsers for iOS that allow you to load desktop sites. But we think Dolphin is the best, and it’s completely free.

Killian BellKillian Bell is a freelance writer based in the U.K. He has an interest in all things tech and also writes for TechnoBuffalo. You can follow him on Twitter via @killianbell, or through his website.

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Cult of Mac

Today At Cult Of Android: Google Announces Q4 Earning, Virgin Mobile USA To Start Throttling Data, And More…

Android may not be every Mac user’s cup of tea, but it’s the biggest mobile operating system in the world, and it’s important to know what’s going on with Android — what it’s doing right, and what it’s doing wrong. Here’s the best stories that hit today over at our sister site, Cult of Android.

Official Wikipedia App Makes It To Android

The official Wikipedia App hit the Android Market last week and somehow slipped past most people’s radar. If you were lucky enough to have found out about it before the SOPA blackout yesterday, you were treated to Wikipedia access via the app, while most everyone else remained in the dark. At least we know about it now, and I’m sure there are quite a few people who have been waiting on an official app for Android. If you happen to be one of those people, you’ll be pleased to know it’s available now, and offers many great features such as: More…

Virgin Mobile USA To Start Throttling Customers Who Use Over 2.5GB Of Data A Month

Virgin Mobile began sending out text messages to high data consuming customers to warn them of their plans to implement data speed reductions in March. This comes as no surprise as Virgin Mobile actually considered throttling back in September, but for some reason decided to put the idea on hold. This time, it’s for real, and they plan on starting on March 23rd. If you’re a Virgin Mobile USA customer and use over 2.5GB of data in a month, expect your speeds to start slowing down (if that’s even possible). More…

The 1.5GHz Dual-Core LG Spectrum Is Now Availble On Verizon For $ 199

While AT&T goes through hell and back to get their hands on some spectrum, Verizon has announced it will be selling it for $ 199 —the LG Spectrum, that is. The LG Spectrum is Verizon’s latest LTE offering and features some impressive specs at at a decent price. More…

Full Screen Browsing Comes To The Amazon Kindle Fire In Latest Update

The Amazon Kindle Fire has a new update available. Update 6.2.2 is going out over the air and can also be downloaded manually if needed. This latest update improves support for manually setting up e-mail providers in the Email app, offers a new full screen mode for viewing web pages, and also includes enhancements to performance. More…

HTC’s Quad-Core Phone Seems To Be Suffering An Identity Crisis

Apparently HTC’s mega-beast quad-core handset is suffering from quite the identity crisis. We’ve come to know it as the HTC Edge up until just recently when PocketNow reported that HTC went ahead and changed the codename to Endeavor. It’s supposed to undergo another name change to Supreme, once it hits retail shelves, but as PocketNow points out, while retail names often see multiple name variances, codenames usually remain the same to help distinguish them internally. More…

Google Announces Q4 Earnings: Over 250 Million Android Devices Activated, Over 11 Billion App Downloads

Google released their Q4 earnings today, and while the money side of things is good, with $ 2.71 billion in profit on $ 8.13 billion in revenue, I’m sure you’re more concerned about Android than you are money — right? Even if you’re not, I’m going to share with you some Android numbers being thrown around to give you a better idea of how well Android is doing, and how well it continues to grow. More…

The ARCHOS Android Powered Home Smart Phone Is Now Available In The UK

You may remember the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone we showed you last month, you know, the home phone with Android on it. Well, it’s now available to purchase in the UK, and the 8GB model will set you back £129.98, including taxes. The ARCHOS 35 takes the “smart” from smartphone, and puts it into your home phone. More…

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Zynga picks up four more mobile gaming companies

Mobile/social game giant Zynga has made four more acquisitions in mobile gaming, having already picked up quite a few iOS and mobile development companies in the past. This time around, the biggest pickup is a company from Germany named Gamedoctors, makers of the very popular ZombieSmash title. Page44 Studios is the second purchase. They did work on the also very popular mobile version of World of Goo (though Page44 isn’t the actual developer of the original game; that’s 2D Boy). Hiplogic and Astro Ape Studios are the last two purchases, each with their own libraries of a few mobile titles.

Zynga is building up quite a library of mobile developers and their titles, though we’re not actually sure why yet. Most of the developers Zynga has acquired haven’t actually put many other titles out on the App Store. Presumably all of these developers are working on something, and Zynga will probably use its new acquisitions to expand its social expertise into the mobile space as well, but the company’s strategy hasn’t become clear.

Stockholders are waiting on that strategy. The company had its IPO late last year at $ 10, but since then the stock has foundered and sits at just below $ 9. If Zynga wants to get that stock price rolling, Wall Street will want to see some action out of all of this spending.

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Apple tops latest mobile shopping satisfaction survey

With more and more consumers using smartphones to visit retailer websites, it’s important for those retailers to make sure that shoppers have the best possible mobile shopping experience. Research firm ForeSee announced today that Apple’s mobile shopping satisfaction score was at the top of the pack, with 85 percent of 3,000 consumers putting the company on top of their list.

While the ForeSee study doesn’t specifically say it, the Apple Store app seen at right could be the reason that Apple’s mobile shopping score was higher than overall satisfaction with Apple’s web store (at 83 percent). Others in the top five were (in decreasing order of satisfaction) Amazon, Dell, Netflix, and eBay.

According to the ForeSee results, mobile is playing a growing role in the retail experience. A full third of shoppers used their mobile phones to research products, while 15 percent actually made purchases. About one in five online shoppers used their phones to compare prices or products while in a physical retail location.

Satisfaction with the mobile shopping experience is important for repeat business. ForeSee’s research shows that mobile shoppers who are highly satisfied with their mobile experience are 54 percent more likely to consider that same company the next time they want to make a similar purchase, and they’re twice as likely to make purchases from that retailer’s mobile channel again.

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XtremeMac shows three new mobile chargers at CES

XtremeMac makes a variety of cables, chargers and other accessories for the Apple’s line of portable devices. The company used CES to introduce three new chargers for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod that’ll join XtremeMac’s lineup in the first quarter of 2012. These new products include:

  • 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable: a USB cable that has three separate connectors (micro USB, mini USB and Apple 30-pin) compatible with most portable devices.
  • InCharge Boost: a portable 2300 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It includes a integrated 30-pin connector to charge your device, LED status indicators, on/off switch and a USB connector to recharge the battery.
  • InCharge Micro Boost: a 500 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack that’s similar to the InCharge boost but smaller. It doesn’t have the power switch or integrated cables of its bigger brother. It has a single 30-pin connector that’s meant to charge your iPod or iPhone in a pinch.

Full details are in the press release below.

[Via Engadget]

XtremeMac™ Announces 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable, InCharge Boost™ and InCharge Micro Boost™ at CES 2012

Keep iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® juiced at all times with new mobile charging devices

Oakdale, MN – January 11, 2012 – XtremeMac, a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories and audio solutions for Apple devices, is pleased to announce 3 in1 USB Mobile Cable, InCharge Boost and InCharge Micro Boost – three new convenient mobile charging solutions. These new mobile charging devices provide an efficient and convenient charge for iPad, iPhone and iPod while at home or on the go.

The 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable is a single cable solution with three different connectors providing a universal charging solution for most mobile devices. Three different connectors make this one cable ideal for home/office use or travel. The USB to micro USB, mini USB and 30pin tethered tips works with most Apple devices, tablets, smart phones, cameras, GPS devices and MP3 players.

The InCharge Boost is a portable rechargeable battery pack for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The powerful 2300 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery features tethered 30pin connector to charge Apple devices and a USB connector to recharge internal battery. Additional features include an on/off switch to conserve power, status LED indicators and an integrated carabineer for portability. The cable management system is clean, for an all in one, portable battery solution.

The InCharge Micro Boost is an ultra compact emergency rechargeable battery pack for iPod and iPhone. The 500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery features an integrated carabineer, making the Micro Boost easy to attach to a user’s keychain or backpack ensuring a quick charge is available when it’s needed most. Additional features include a status LED indicator, USB to micro USB cable for charging and an integrated cap and plug to provide protection to connectors from damage during transport.

The 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable, InCharge Boost and InCharge Micro Boost will be available in Q1 2012.

For more information on the 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable, InCharge Boost, InCharge Micro Boost and XtremeMac’s entire line of award winning products, follow us on Facebook.com/XtremeMac and @XtremeMac.

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Survey shows Apple offers most-satisfying mobile shopping experience

Mac Connection End of Summer Sale

MacBook Pro Model




2.4GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro $ 1,199.00 $ 1,096.05* $ 102.95
2.8GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro $ 1,499.00 $ 1,382.19* $ 116.81
2.2GHz quad 15″ MacBook Pro $ 1,799.00 $ 1,647.06* $ 151.94
2.4GHz quad 15″ MacBook Pro $ 2,199.00 $ 1,973.55* $ 225.45
2.4GHz quad 17″ MacBook Pro $ 2,499.00 $ 2,288.23* $ 210.77

Early 2011 MacBook Pro Model




2.3GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro $ 1,199.00 $ 999.99 $ 199.99
2.7GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro $ 1,499.00 $ 1,259.44* $ 226.06
2.0GHz quad 15″ MacBook Pro $ 1,799.00 $ 1,503.49* $ 295.51
2.2GHz quad 15″ MacBook Pro $ 2,199.00 $ 1,695.99* $ 503.01
2.2GHz quad 17″ MacBook Pro $ 2,499.00 $ 2,035.49* $ 463.51